Rainy Day Sunshine Umbrella

Rainy Day Sunshine Umbrella

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This umbrella will have you feeling like you are walking under the sun rather than rain clouds! Inspired by a painting from The Yellow Dress Project, the image on this umbrella tells an important story of hope. Artist and survivor, Torre Marie turned to painting as a way of dealing with her trauma.

"The process of healing can be dark and it can feel lonely....The yellow reminds me that hope exists even though at times it can feel like it doesn’t.”

Our clients love the large painting in our office and so Torre now paints small pictures for us to give to them. More than once we have heard back that these have been a powerful source of strength and reminder to them that they are not alone in their journey.

All proceeds go to support our work on prevention of child sex abuse and commercial sexual exploitation and supporting survivors.

Voice Found is a national registered charity. 

Availability: For the time being this item will only be available in the National Capitol Region. If there is demand and people are willing to pay shipping - we will open it up across Canada.

Shipping: This item will be available for pick up in a number of locations around Ottawa. Once your order is placed we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your pick up.

Product Specifications:


  • Metal shaft and tips
  • Auto open
  • Black plastic curved handle
  • Velcro tie band
  • Pongee (instant dry)
  • Diameter: 42"
  • Rib Length: 21"
  • Rib Num: 8