Colouring Book

Colouring Book

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Spend some time lost in your dreams. Doodle, colour, write, sketch, plan -you never know what you might create!

This book features pages for journaling, inspirational quotes, blank spaces for sketching and magnificent colouring pages. A truly collaborative effort with artwork donated by 5 talented artists. The book is 26 double sided pages featuring over 20 pieces of artwork to colour. 

We provide each of our clients with one of these books as they begin to create a life that is filled with hope and possibility. 

Meet the artists who so generously created artwork and donated their creations to this book. 

 Kim Mullen

Kim Mullen is a professional long arm quilter and artist who resides in Ottawa, Ontario. She is owner and operator of Eye Candy Custom Quilting and co-owner of Zone Out Designs. In 2015, Zone out designs published a colouring book called Color & Zone Out. 

Zone Out Designs is pleased to partner in this venture with Voice Found. When people are abused it sticks with them forever, changing who they are and who they could have been. We hope that sales from this colouring book will help many people.

You can reach Kim or Dawn at

Elsa Senner

Elsa Senner is a fine artist and illustrator who works primarily in mediums that travel easily with her on a daily basis – teeny notebooks, pens, watercolors, and other assorted drawing methods. Her work's aesthetic shifts frequently between symbol based abstractions and close observation. Sharing her work with others is one of the driving forces behind her art practice.

I’m happy to donate my art and participate in this collaboration that’s true purpose is to help others.

Courtney Parsons

Courtney Parsons is a self-taught artist from New Hampshire, where she has lived and worked all of her life (so far.) She spends most of her time drawing, reading and working on various projects. Although she enjoys experimenting with different mediums and styles, her favorite things to create are pen and ink mandala drawings. She has found her passion in creating detailed mandala and floral style illustrations and really enjoys trying to incorporate those types of designs in different and unique ways.  

Courtney is incredibly proud to be able to donate her art to this special project, as her art has helped her heal in so many significant ways at different points in her life. She would be honored to know that it could help someone else too, even if it’s even if it’s just in a small way.
You can view much of her work and watch her continue to grow as an artist: at

Nandana (Nan) Prasad

Nandana (Nan) Prasad has lived in Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario most of her life. Her career in international development started at an early age and, whenever she had spare time, she would ‘doodle’ while overseas. Her father and mother recognized her ‘doodles’ as therapy when she was trying to cope with being the youngest of nine children in a very fast-paced home environment. Art (sculpting, music and drawing) became her ‘down’ time and then, in 1993 evolved into an income generating hobby. Her past donations of art to support health priorities include Missionaries of Charity (India), HIV/AIDS Committee of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) and St. John Bosco Boys’ Home (Jamaica, W.I.) She currently resides in Iqaluit, Nunavut where she is engaged in studying Inuit tattoos and symbols.

I am donating because I believe in culturally compelling therapy that encourages people to learn about other cultures and their meaningful iconography.
Sydney Dines-Craig

Sydney Dines-Craig is a grade 12 student enrolled in Merivale High School's Focus Arts Program. She has had her work featured in the City Of Ottawa's Young At Art Juried Art Competition. Her artistic experiences include painting sets for The Loft Dance Studio in Kanata, background performer in films, modelling in Runway For Hope Ottawa in support of CHEO. Sydney is a Cardiology patient at CHEO who volunteers for many fundraising initiatives in support of the hospital, including the annual CHEO Telethon on CTV Ottawa. 

She loves volunteering time, using the passion she has for art, especially knowing it will help others heal.