Shopify + Voicefound = Hope

Shopify has built a platform that creates an exceptional opportunity for people to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Voicefound works with persons who have been sexually exploited and are recovering from extreme trauma.

Together we are helping our clients to realize their dreams of creating a future that will lift them from exploitation and poverty. Together we are providing hope for new beginnings and teaching them how to take control of their destiny.

The Hope-Found store is a collaborative effort with our clients where they will learn how to create a plan and see things through to completion. Our vision is that survivors who are skilled in making things will be able to sell them online, those who are interested in marketing can learn how to position and sell products, those who have an interest in learning about setting up a website and basic coding can learn how to create a Shopify store and so much more. As they develop confidence and increase skills some may go on to launch their own business! 

We look forward to sharing this journey with you through our blog. We welcome you to contact us if you would like to sell and donate profit from one of your products through our store.